Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to cure your addiction.

The first step in curing your addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Do you use drugs on a daily basis? Do you feel that you can't make it through the day without the drug? If so you most likely have a problem. Admitting this problem and seeing what affect it has on you is the first step to cleaning yourself of this addiction. You have to realize what's important to you. Is your family upset with you? Have you lost many friends? Have you realized who all is impacted by your addiction? You have to be aware that this addiction is hurting you and the people around you. You have to want to quit and want a better life for yourself. Develop a time that you want to quit using drugs by and crave that day more than you crave your drug. Admitting your problem and wanting to change it is the first step to curing yourself of the addiction.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family of drug addicts.

Drugs devaste families across the country. Drugs make users a lot more edgy and at higher risk to abuse their loved ones.  The family suffers just as much as the addict . All addicts care about is getting their next high and they forget about all of the people that they once cared about. Family members tend to adapt their personas in an attempt to handle the dysfunction that the addict has created. The caretaker or enabler, for example, makes it possible for the addict to keep functioning in addiction. He may give the addict money, provide a home and food, bail the addict out of jail and in general provide a safety that the addict can depend on no matter how violent, irresponsible or hurtful the behavior.
The caretaker role is just one example. Others include the hero, who makes sure that everything appears to be fine to outsiders, the jester who tries to make light of the situation, the ghost who never comments or makes his needs known. Family members of addicts become so focused on the addict's problems that they often lose themselves along the way.
The family of addicts need help just as the addicts do and there are now support groups across the globe to help with this. http://www.familiesanonymous.org/ Is just one of which can help you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why do people relapse?

What Makes people relapse? If they work hard and go to a rehab, or are sentenced to jail time and do not do a drug for a long period of time why is it they get out and do it again? The answer to this question could be many things. For one drugs are highly addictive, the "wanting" of the drug may never go away. When someone gets back home and back in the real world they may be around the drug and do it simply for that reason. Some people want to quit drugs, some say they do but really do not, some try, some don't. The sad fact is not all people can be saved, even from themselves. Many non drug users try to help users to quit but they cannot all be saved and users often bring non-users down. I am not quite sure what it will take to make this country drug free, but I doubt I will be around to see it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Percocet is one pain killer that is becoming highly abused in America. It is meant to be a short term pain reliever, no refills are given with a prescription and it seems that health providers are doing all they can to keep it out of the hands of people that do not need it, but somehow others are getting it. In 2006 there were 11,000 deaths from over dose of this drug. It is a deadly, awful drug that is hurting many lives. Some people actually get it prescribed to them and then become addicted. I myself know many young people addicted to this drug. From what i have seen it seems to be a gateway drug to things like heroin. Percocet are available but not constantly and it seems when addicts can't get it they will do anything, for example turning to heroin. Something has to stop this horrible addiction that young people don't realize they are getting into.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ways to help decrease drug abuse.

Many people that do drugs claim they "want to quit" so why is it that they can't? Drugs are highly addictive which most people know but some people do not know just how hard it is to get off of them. Withdrawals off of many drugs are horrible. Like  having the worst flu you have ever had, not being able to get out of bed, cold sweats, nausea. These are just a few of the symptoms that make it so hard for people to quit there drug use, they may say they are going to quit and they may even try but with many people as soon as the withdrawals begin they get there next fix as soon as they possibly can.
I think that in America we can dramatically reduce the number of drug users if we have treatment for drug users, as we do for other heath problems, more readily available the rate of drug users may just go down. I think that drugs that wing you off of other drugs should be more readily available for addicts. Many addicts have a fear of rehab so they will not go, they do not want to pay the expenses or it to show up on any records. If Dr.'s could prescribe drugs like methadone in small doses to addicts (such as have a weekly plan) that drug users could do at home it may help.  For example one day the drug user takes an amount of the drug to wing them off and steadily decreases it, it may help the drug abuse rate go down.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drugs can destroy you.

The list of drugs used in America could go on and on. Most people know that drugs are bad, but why do they still do them? Many people have no idea what they are getting themselves into when they try a drug. A lot of drugs lead to addiction very fast. They may just think they are trying something once or partying untill there entire life begins to spiral downword. Drugs make a person do things they normally wouldn't. When on drugs a person often participates in risky behavior and sometimes doesn't even remember what they did the next day. A persons relationships with family, friends, or partners often decline. Drug users often lash out at the people that they love and families are ruined because of the drug user. Drug users do not know how they are hurting there family and friends when they are using drugs. Drug use has got to stop but how can it when they are so readily available in our society?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pain killers.

Pain killers are rising in America. A recent study showed that the use of pain killers in the past ten years has gone up four times. According to statistics compiled by the Partnership for a Drug Free America, nearly one in five teens, or a staggering 4.5 million kids age 12-19, reportedly abused prescription medications to get high last year.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that the plague of substance abuse is due to the recession. People terrified of losing their jobs or their homes use prescription medications to cope with the economic downturn by anesthetizing themselves with painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin, which not only kill physical pain but emotional distress as well. The pain of withdrawal reinforces the addictive properties of analgesics that banish migraines as well as the blues.
Pain killers are highly addictive and are ruining lives and families across america. Some people get addicted when they get hurt and are actually prescribed them. Others get them from other people or go into doctors complaining about pain that they do not have in order to get them. Pain killers are beginning to be a huge problem in America that at this point seems unresolvable.